Hot Drop Jackpots

A night with Cleo

What can we say? Revving up the action is what Ignition does best! Look no further than Hot Drop Jackpots. Some of our top slots games, including A Night With Cleo, Golden Buffalo, 777 Deluxe, Reels of Fortune and Lady's Magic Charms have been cranked UP with must win progressive jackpots now dropping around the clock. And our players are loving it. But what’s not to love? With new winners every hour and every day, any slots player looking to light up the reels has found exactly what they were looking for!

That’s right: Welcome to a whole new world of serious wins, and a new slots feature that will literally have you on the edge of your seat. With Hot Drop Jackpots, you’ll be able to see when a particular must win jackpot is RED HOT and ready to drop—every hour, every day, and anytime with the Epic Jackpot. Then you just have to spin it for your chance to win it.

Sound easy enough? It certainly is. But before we get too hyped, let’s do a deep dive on what exactly Hot Drop Jackpots are and how you can get your hands on the next one that’s ready to drop.

Types of Hot Drop Jackpots

Three crown symbols for Mega, Daily and Hourly JackpotsThere are three different Ignition Hot Drop Jackpots available.

  • Hourly jackpots must drop every hour, happening 24 hours a day.
  • Daily jackpots must drop once per day, and generally get to be a hefty chunk of change.
  • Super jackpots are the mother of all prizes, and can drop at any time.

Ignition must drop jackpots are up for grabs every time you spin the reels on any Hot Drop slot. Their total prize pools increase as more players play, with a percentage of each wager contributing to the pots. In that way, they work just like regular progressive jackpots at Ignition Casino.

All three jackpot totals are updated live and displayed in-game. To the left of the reels on any Hot Drop Jackpot slot, you’ll find the jackpots panel. Here totals are displayed along with the countdown timer for the Hourly drop and Daily drop jackpots. As the drop deadline approaches, the chance of winning that jackpot increases. And then you have the Epic Jackpot, which can drop at any moment!

How to win playing Hot Drop Jackpots

It takes just one lucky spin. When you land 3 jackpot symbols anywhere on the reels, you’ll trigger the Hot Drop Jackpot Wheel. Once that happens, you’re in the money for sure. All that’s left to decide is if you walk away with the Hourly, Daily, or Epic Jackpot. And nothing gets more thrilling than that moment!

Also, every amount you wager gives you a shot at winning. But your odds increase slightly the more you wager. One strategy to put into play is to turn up your wagers when one of the jackpots is flashing red hot. You’ll still be spinning for all the regular winning lines, but will be playing for a must win jackpot as the cherry on top.

Benefits of playing Hot Drop Jackpots on Ignition Casino

It all comes down to a more thrilling experience and more chances to win. Isn’t that what playing slots should be all about?

Traditional progressive jackpots are great, and their prize totals can truly be life-changing. But the fact that they only drop once in a while takes a dose of excitement out of the whole setup.

When you know that a jackpot will drop, you know exactly what you’re taking aim at. It’s down to the hour and down to the day, providing something that you can really get your hands on—especially with more jackpots being won than ever before!

Plus, Ignition is leading the pack in bringing must win jackpots to players in the USA. While this feature is already common in Europe, we’re making it bigger and better for the red, white and blue.

And one last thing: If it’s a mega payout you’re after (and who isn’t after that?), the Super Jackpot does what you can expect from any other progressive jackpot slot. Add it all up, and all bases are covered for all the fans of big wins out there with Hot Drops at Ignition Casino.


Play Hot Drop Jackpots with Bitcoin at Ignition Casino

Ignition is one of the leading online casinos when it comes to embracing new payment methods. While we accept credit card and other conventional methods, we go the extra mile for any deposit made with crypto. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Tether: the list keeps growing all the time.

What you can always expect with crypto is lower fees, faster transactions and the best exclusives and extras. And you can play for of our Hot Drop Jackpots after depositing with cryptocurrency, just like you can play any of our table games, slots or poker events.

Right off the starting block, using crypto will maximize the size of your Welcome Bonus, with up to $3,000 in bonus cash available upon deposit. Easy cash in, easy cash out: That’s crypto in a nutshell.

Hot Drop Jackpots FAQ

They’re dropping like they’re hot 24/7, but you might have a couple more questions before getting into Hot Drops on Ignition Casino. Here are some frequently asked questions to go over before you spin.

Are Hot Drop Jackpots new?

Absolutely. They are the latest—and greatest—thing to happen to slots for the US market, and they’re they fast becoming a favorite way to play on Ignition.

What makes Hot Drop Jackpots so popular?

More chances to win and an idea on WHEN you can win is what makes Hot Drops the new go-to for thrill seekers on the reels.

How are the jackpot totals determined?

A percentage of each bet players make goes into the prize pools, which keep increasing until they’re won. After a jackpot is won, a new one will be made available and the process begins again.

Are original versions of the games still available?

Absolutely. You can still enjoy the original versions of any Hot Drop slots at any time. Just go to the regular Slots menu or use the search bar.

Can I win real money playing Hot Drop Jackpots

Of course, and lots of it! Otherwise this would be all filler, and no thriller—and that’s not what Ignition is about. Must drop jackpots could actually be your best shot at winning real money playing online casino games.

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